Our Roots

Founded by Mikko Lahdetie, Humble was started with the belief that good, honest and natural food & drinks are not only achievable, they can also be made without sacrificing on flavour.

All our products are developed using 100% natural ingredients. They’re recipes that provide great sources of protein and energy – perfect for people who want to lead an active lifestyle, or for those who just want to be that little bit healthier.

We hope you like our products and see them as special. But to us, as our name suggests, this is just how it should be done.

Ethos & Mission

Humble’s ethos is a simple one. Its all about great tasting, natural snacks and drinks.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a choice to lead a healthier life without missing out on the great tastes that nature can provide. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring and by carefully choosing what we put into our products, we get the most out of them.

Hopefully you enjoy our products and think they are special, but to us, it’s just natural.

Our Ingredients

At Humble we’ve got a natural thirst for doing the right thing. So, we aim to use organic ingredients whenever available, and have set the goal of being 100% organic by 2020.

We take great care to ensure only the best ingredients make their way into our products. Good stuff in – natural and healthy. Good stuff out – energy and full of life. In simple terms, if it’s not needed, it’s not included.

So, we never use colouring, added sugars or preservatives. This means that although our products may not last as long on-shelf, they definitely leave a taste that stays longer than most.


Product Manager

Sara is involved with the development of our product range and marketing. Sara is always active and played basketball for 10 years. But when not working out, she has her dog Rondo who is also a big part of the Humble team. Sara’s favourite Humble treat is our Coconut and Pineapple smoothie.



Mikko started Humble with a vision of creating great tasting, simple and well-made snacks and drinks that are as fresh as possible. He is always coming up with crazy new ideas to expand our range, but when he isn’t busy playing with his food, he loves climbing and being outdoors with his family and loves our Blueberry Kefir.


Humble Sweden

Henri champions Humble in Sweden. When not championing Humble, he has been a three-time champion of dodgeball right here in Finland. Not content with dominating dodgeball, Henri has turned to golf, although it may be sometime before he is Finland’s golf champion. His favourite fairway snack is one of our Big bite’s.


Quality and Product Development

Tuomas ensures that only the finest ingredients and the right ingredients make their way into our products, making sure that everything from our smoothies to our bars are as tasty as possible. In his spare time Tuomas forages for mushrooms.


Head of Moral

Rondo is probably the hardest working of us all. In charge of keeping us active and happy, Rondo is a very important part of team Humble.